Systems Manager: iOS 16 and Android 13 support with new features!


iOS 16 support 

  • iOS 16 devices can enrolled, and new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models can be reported in Systems Manager.
    • Reminder that Systems Manager supports Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) for company owned devices, standard Device Enrollment via for end-user owned devices, and/or User Enrollment for end-user owned devices. Or, leverage the Meraki MR and enable a special hardware integration to enable a splash page for end-user enrollments via Sentry Splash
  • New iPhone 14 models are the first iPhones to support only eSIM for cellular activations, and Systems manager has added the following features to help administrators with eSIM for managed devices:  
    • New "Cellular Access Point Name (APN)" activation profile for iOS (find in SM > Settings page)
    • View eSIM (Phone#, IMEI, label, EID, slot#) for managed devices information directly in SM
  • SM has new Single Sign On settings available (find in SM > Settings page)
  • New Restrictions available: 
    • allowUniversalControl, allowMailPrivacyProtection, allowRapidSecurityResponseInstallation, allowRapidSecurityResponseRemoval, more!
  • Remember that iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura are right around the corner, and many more enhancements coming soon!

Also as a reminder administrators can delay OS updates on Supervised Apple devices for more control of OS updates: 


Android 13 support 

  • Android 13 devices can enrolled and Android 13 versions, PlayStore versions, and PlayStore Services versions, will be reported into Systems Manager device details. 
  • New Google Play EMM App deployment solutions built from the ground up to support the future of app deployments with new Google Play integrations. This will allow enhanced app deployments with Public Play Store and Private Play Store via Systems Manager. 
    • A new interface into the SM > Apps page will be rolling out in the next few weeks to further enhance this. 
    • The "approve app" permission on SM > Apps page is no longer needed, and has been removed from the page. This gives administrator one less step to deploy apps, so should be a welcomed change. 


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