NEW: Theater mode on Vision portal v1.6.11

Meraki Alumni (Retired)


We are thrilled to introduce Theater mode to the Vision portal!


Juggling several responsibilities in addition to monitoring can be tedious and often means opening many windows, which can significantly affect productivity. With the Theater mode, you can now engage in multiple tasks in the same browser.


For the early adopters ( 👋 ), you might be asking:

"...what’s the difference between Fullscreen and Theater mode? 


Fullscreen gives you the ability to hyper focus on surveillance without any distractions. The video wall or single camera would occupy the entire device screen real estate. (2).gif


Theater mode gives you greater flexibility when managing several aspects of your job duties - you can easily open additional tabs and maintain a "full screen" on the Vision portal tab while in Theater mode. In essence, the single camera or video wall footage will take up all the space for that tab, but doesn’t prevent you from accessing other tabs within the same browser. (3).gif


If you haven’t already, here’s a gentle push to try Theater mode on the Vision portal - we look forward to your feedback, which goes directly to the MV product team






Are you up to date?


If the new changes aren't visible to you in the Vision portal, you may need to update your version. Click on the "What's New" icon in the top right of the navigation to view your version, and update to the latest. 


The Vision portal can be accessed directly by going to,  or through the dashboard by going to "Cameras", then selecting "Vision portal".

For more information on the Vision portal, please refer to the "Using the Meraki Vision Portal" documentation article.