Public Preview Available: Catalyst 9300 switch migration

We are excited to announce eligible Catalyst 9300 switches can now migrate to Meraki management mode.  Join us and unlock the flexibility and control at the cloud scale today with the Meraki dashboard. 


Eligible models:

  • C9300-24P/T/U/UX
  • C9300-48P/T/U/UN/UXM 

Why did we release this? 

This migration release marks an important milestone in delivering Cisco's promise of investment protection. Our goal is to meet our customers where they are and offer more choices as they embark on a cloud journey. Whether it’s a hybrid cloud journey with cloud monitoring capabilities or an accelerated path to the cloud through this migration program, we aim to provide options that cater to our customer’s needs. Once migrated to the Meraki cloud management mode, the centralized Meraki dashboard can help you streamline remote network management, such as provisioning, port configuration, and security policy, all without added complexity. 


Is this program for you? 

This is for you if you are ready to accelerate the cloud journey and manage select switches (and other Meraki devices) across all sites in the intuitive and powerful Meraki dashboard.  Please refer to our FAQs for more information. 


What is public preview? Do I need to buy a Meraki license before migrating?

Public preview allows all customers to test the capability and leverage Meraki support if they encounter issues. However, this capability is still considered “beta,” and customers should be prepared to test for unexpected issues that may occur before deciding to roll out the feature to critical networks. 


Since the migration program is currently in public preview, we will not be enforcing a license. However, associated Meraki licenses will be available and required when the program reaches general availability (GA), and after a 30-day grace period. Page four of this Quick Migration Guide describes how licenses may be obtained at that time.


How to initiate the migration?

Check out this Quick Migration Guide for more information. 


While our product teams have been working endlessly to integrate our customers and field feedback to simplify the process, this migration process will require the switch to go through a factory reset. Please be sure to download a copy of your configuration files. 


What if I need to migrate my cloud-managed C9300 switch back to DNA management mode? 

If you wish to migrate your cloud-managed C9300 switch back to DNA management mode, please contact Meraki support. Please note this will reset the switch to its factory default settings and erase all configurations from the device. Please note, the configurations will be retained in the dashboard until the device is removed from the network.


Not ready for a full cloud management journey yet? 

If CLI local control is required, but you desire unmatched visibility from the Meraki cloud, our cloud monitoring capabilities will add excellent value to your DNA license.  Cloud monitoring provides remote troubleshooting and comprehensive visibility across multiple sites. Read and discover more benefits from our cloud monitoring series of blogs.

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