MT14 and MT10 received an "A" grade for ECV certification per UL 2905

Last week, MT14 & MT10 received an "A" grade for ECV certification per UL 2905, demonstrating through third-party certification that they deliver accuracy and effectiveness in their measurement of indoor air pollutants. 


When it comes to indoor air quality monitoring which can have meaningful impact on an occupant's safety and comfort, customers have little room to take risks. Metrics like temperature and humidity can affect an occupant's comfort in the room, while particulate matter can cause airway irritation and decreased productivity. Indoor air pollution can come from common sources such as oil, gas, wood, building materials, and outdoor sources, and can be exacerbated if a building has poor ventilation. While staff at schools and office buildings may be particularly interested in monitoring their indoor air quality, it benefits people across all industries to pay attention to their air quality: Unfortunately, common organic pollutants can be up to five times higher inside than outside. 


Air quality monitors such as MT14 are critical tools for customers to keep a close eye on environmental metrics in a room and ensure that their occupants are in a comfortable setting. By accurately detecting changes in the environment and receiving real-time alerts when thresholds are surpassed, customers can quickly address the issue at hand. Air quality monitors with certifications such as UL 2905 have had their accuracy claims even further validated, which strengthens their ability to support a customer in providing a healthier indoor environment.


Excitingly, MT10 and MT14 are the first-ever Cisco Meraki products to be listed in the UL SPOT database, which contains over 130,000 UL ECV-approved products. 


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More on UL and the certification: UL is a global safety science leader and offers the ECV claim per UL 2905, which verifies the accuracy of readings for multiple IAQ parameters including temperature, relative humidity, and PM2.5 detection. 


MT14 certificate:



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