New updates to the Meraki Vision portal

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We have an exciting new update that makes it easier to find video across time ranges, giving you a better overall search experience.


  • Time range filter for Motion Search

You now have a more guided approach in the Vision portal when using Advanced Motion Search.




You can now get limited Motion Search results with our new time-range-filter. This makes searching for specific time frames such as the weekend, weekdays or simply over the course of a few hours much easier. Let’s say you need to investigate activity that happened after the store closed in the span of several days because no one was physically present, now you can easily do that by just moving your cursor on this filter.


You can also minimize the search results to reduce clutter on the screen and focus on the day-by-day results.





Some more updates made to improve the Vision portal experience:


  • Timepicker date selection issue for users on a different timezone than the network timezone
  • Various performance and stability improvements


Are you up to date?: If the new changes aren't visible to you in the Vision portal, you may need to update your version. To make it easier, there will be an ‘Update’ button highlighted in blue, like below, which will take you to a Vision portal update.





The Vision portal can be accessed directly by going to,  or through the dashboard by going to "Cameras", then selecting "Vision portal".

For more information on the Vision portal, please refer to the "Using the Meraki Vision Portal" documentation article.


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