Cisco+ Secure Connect - Secure Access for All Users—Everywhere

Organizations need a simple solution to provide secure access to any application, on any device, from any location. So how do you deliver a robust, consistent SASE experience to all users, in today’s era of hybrid work? The answer is as a pre-integrated, as-a-service solution.


Cisco Meraki is pleased to announce Cisco+ Secure Connect, a unified, turnkey, SASE as-a-service solution that can be set up in hours. It can be maintained with minimal effort via a highly intuitive dashboard powered by the Meraki platform. The Meraki dashboard makes it simple to set up the Meraki Security and SD-WAN appliance, remote access, and cloud security or Security Services Edge (SSE) powered by Cisco Umbrella.


Adding branch offices is a four-click configuration from the dashboard, and remote workers can either install and connect a simple endpoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) software on their own, or access private applications via the browser-based zero-trust network access (ZTNA). Cisco provides the relevant certificates and domain name, for the clientless ZTNA which greatly reduces configuration overhead. Cisco+ Secure Connect ensures that users are correctly identified, authenticated, and that their posture has been validated before they connect to the corporate applications. Continuous optimization of application performance, combined with Cisco’s direct peering relationships with many leading SaaS providers enables unparalleled user experience and increased productivity.


Cisco+ Secure Connect is secure, intelligent, and simple to set up. A single, all-inclusive subscription gives lean IT teams the ability to quickly scale access to applications and resources hosted anywhere—across multiple public or private clouds—from any location, at any time, while providing protection across every point of service and delivering actionable insights. Additionally, Cisco’s global reach with local support ensures dependable partnerships and successful outcomes. This is extremely attractive to customers with lean IT environments as they can quickly offer a complete, unified SASE solution as-a-service.


For more information, please visit Meraki What is SASE? or Cisco+ Secure Connect pages.