New Org Alerts page is now available!

We are excited to announce the release of our new Meraki Health Organization Alerts page, available today (1/26/23) via early access! This much requested feature results in an incredible efficiency boost, reducing click-time and greatly increasing org-wide visibility.


What does it do? 


The new Org Alerts page aims to:


  • Promote Efficiency -  centralizing all dashboard alerts of your organization in a single pane
  • Save time - filter and sort alerts to quickly identify critical issues
  • Increase ease of use - simplified navigation and improved UI allows you to dismiss irrelevant alerts and reduce excess noise



New Organization Alerts Page



How do I enable this?


In the dashboard, navigate to Organization > Early Access. Opt-in by clicking the toggle button for New Organization Alert Page & Alert hub Enhancements.





How do I access the page? 

Once enabled via early access you can access the page by navigating to Organization >> Alerts. 


Additional information on this feature can be found in Meraki Documentation