New iOS/iPadOS SM MDM app update (v2.6.2) - Darkmode, homescreen shortcuts, MR suggested networks

A new iOS SM MDM app update v2.6.2 available which includes the following: 


  • Dark mode added.
  • Homescreen shortcuts added! Check-in device and view app list directly from the iOS homescreen. Tap & hold the app on the homescreen to see these new homescreen shortcut action. 
  • App cells now display version number. 
  • App cells now have an “Update” button to request an app update.
  • Pull to refresh added for App List. This will query the Systems Manager network to reload the device’s App List.
  • Suggested Networks feature returns for manual enrollments. iOS devices which are connected to a Meraki MR SSID can automatically detect the SM network within the same Meraki Organization during enrollment, so end users do not need to type in network IDs or scan QR codes to enroll. More info available here.
  • Device name is shown on the Home page.
  • Support for Canadian enrollment clusters.
  • Minor bug fixes.



Pro tip: to make an app an app optionally available for end users, simply uncheck the Auto-install / auto-uninstall  option in Dashboard on the SM > Apps page. That way end users can requests any optional apps they want via this SM MDM app. End users can also use for a similar app management self-service experience. 

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