Meraki Trusted Access Now Supports Windows 10+ and Android 10+

Today, we are excited to announce the latest advancements in Meraki Trusted Access, designed to transform your wireless network onboarding experience:


Tailored App Experience for Windows 10+
There is now a new dedicated app crafted to enhance the wireless onboarding process for Windows 10+ users - allowing for easy onboarding of devices to a Meraki wireless network.  Users can download the app from the Self-Service Portal on their Windows devices to navigate the wireless setup process.  Curious to see it in action? Check out the new user experience here.

Android 10+ Connectivity, Redefined
We replaced the Android Trusted Access app with a new streamlined browser-based solution for Android 10+ devices, harnessing the power of Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) technology and promising a faster, smoother, and more secure onboarding experience to a Meraki wireless network. Explore the revamped user experience here.

Increase Access Expiration Awareness with Email Notifications

Configure auto-generated emails to alert end users when their access to the network is about to expire.  Also, trigger email notifications when access expires.

Ready to elevate your Meraki wireless onboarding experience? Learn how to set up Trusted Access, including our new email alerts, in the Trusted Access Setup Guide.  For an in-depth guide to the onboarding process for all device platforms, including Windows and the innovative Android Passpoint method, refer to our comprehensive Trusted Access Onboarding Guide.