Systems Manager: iOS 17 Day One Support

We’re excited to announce that all iOS 17 devices, including the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max can be enrolled and managed with Systems Manager MDM.


Additionally, there is now a new simple way to fetch device model information - Apple products will now report their device model and show them in the Meraki dashboard automatically.


We’ve also added a host of new functionality to our feature set to improve user experience, including:


  • Apple Automated Device Enrollment (ADE): new skip keys have been added, so now all screens can be skipped during setup assistant, including an ability to “skip all” screens from the start.


  • For Shared iPads: The ability to set the following keys during ADE has been added: ManagedAppleIDDefaultDomains, OnlineAuthenticationGracePeriod, SkipLanguageAndLocaleSetupForNewUsers.


  • tvOS devices can now be easily targeted for networking profiles, such as VPN.


  • A new "force encrypt" key to force FileVault encryption before release from ADE. This will force the device to finish the FileVault encryption process before being released from the ADE process and exiting the Apple Setup Assistant on first setup.

Finally, when issuing commands from the Dashboard, you can now attach a wifi profile to Erase Device commands. This will allow iOS devices to automatically reconnect to wifi after factory reset, making the network rejoin process much easier and quicker for devices after reset.


Take advantage of these new features by updating your devices to iOS 17 and learn how you can do this in bulk easily for your devices with our new Enhanced OS Updates functionality.

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