Introducing a new generation of MX - MX75/85/95/105

We are proud to announce four new MX models to our portfolio!




MX75 (Front)MX75 (Front)

MX75 (Rear)MX75 (Rear)


MX95 & MX105 (Front)MX95 & MX105 (Front)

MX105 (Rear)MX105 (Rear)


Introducing the next generation Meraki MX75, MX85MX95, and MX105 enterprise security appliances that are designed for distributed deployments that require remote administration across medium branch environments. These are ideal for network administrators who demand both ease of deployment and a state-of-the-art feature set. The next generation MX models focus on gigabit and multi gigabit throughput capabilities and bring SFPs ports for their WAN interfaces. 


Major Highlights


  • The MX75 comes in the popular sleek desktop form factor that fits in many environments.

  • The MX85/95/105 come in the traditional 1U rack mount form factor.

  • Gigabit throughput on MX75 and MX85
  • Multi-gigabit throughput on MX95 and MX105
  • PoE+ (802.3at) on the WAN interface for MX85/95/105 to pair with your new MG41!
  • SFP ports on the WAN interfaces in additional to existing RJ45 ports
  • 2.5G mGig RJ45 ports on the MX95/105 WAN interfaces
  • Dual redundant power supplies and replaceable fans on the MX105
  • MX75 features a cooler desktop design to reduce heat on the top cover (in comparison with the MX68) with a nearly silent passive fan.
  • MX85 (1U) design features a completely silent operation. No active fans for a quiet operating environment.


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