Introducing the new Gigabit Wireless WAN - MG41/41E






The MG41 is the new Gigabit offering in the Meraki MG cellular gateway family. MG41 enables high-speed, always-on reliable network connectivity for business-critical operations and hybrid workforces by offering gigabit primary or backup cellular connectivity. MG41 can provide primary cellular connectivity across thousands of sites at once without relying on broadband connectivity or changes to existing infrastructure, thus enabling faster business expansion.


The MG41 can be paired as a primary/secondary uplink on the MX SDWAN or any other third party solution and integrates easily with the Meraki full stack. With dual SIM functionality, the MG41 provides a flexibility to switch to a better performing Service Provider via the dashboard/API/Local Status Page. During carrier outages or when the primary SIM card reaches data cap, the MG41 automatically switches over to the Standby SIM providing increased availability and reliability.



Major Highlights


  • Zero touch APN provisioning with more than 500+ Service Providers worldwide

  • Built-in cellular link recovery mechanism

  • Auto SIM failover to Standby SIM during outages with primary SIM provider

  • Carrier aggregation up to 5 bands on the downlink and 2 bands on the uplink

  • Ability to set APN and other parameters via dashboard/LSP

  • Ability to switch SIM slots via dashboard/LSP

  • Advanced troubleshooting features like DM logging that provides protocol level details between MG and the cellular network

  • Single worldwide SKU

  • CBRS (private LTE) certified and supports FirstNet Band 14

  • GCF & PTCRB certified

  • API support
  • Fits with the existing MG21 mounting bracket

Datasheet -> MG41/41E Datasheet

Product Link -> MG41 Cellular Gateway


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to MG PM.