Alert hub API endpoint and status update

What is the alert hub API endpoint?
This network-level endpoint helps administrators get all the alerts(available in the alert hub) for a network.
Why use the alert hub API?
Before, administrators needed to login into the dashboard and checked each network for alerts. Now using this API, they can programmatically get alerts from all the networks in any organization. 
Where can I find the alert hub API?
Dashboard API documentation has been updated, and this API is available under v1 endpoints. Sample request and response for the endpoint can be found under "Network health" >> "Return all global alerts on this network". 
Status update
As a follow-up to the alert hub post on June 14th, 2021, we are also happy to inform you that the alert hub is now available for everyone in public BETA. To learn more about the alert hub, the list of alerts it displays, and how it works, please check out our network alert hub documentation.