Introducing upcoming Meraki health feature - Alert hub

What is the alert hub?


The alert hub is a new Meraki health feature that aggregates dashboard alerts of a dashboard network in a single place. 


What does it do? 


This feature is designed to 


Increase visibility

  • By aggregating dashboard alerts in a single place

Ease accessibility

  • Easily navigate to alerting device using hyperlinks available in the hub


Save more time

  • Links relative step by step troubleshooting documentation


How to enable the feature?


This feature will soon be available as public BETA, so no additional action is needed to enable the feature.


When can I have access to this feature?


As we are doing a phased rollout of this feature, it will take some time to be available for everyone. The rollout will begin on June 15th, 2021. An administrator should see this feature at the top right corner of the dashboard once available. It is a network-wide feature, so this feature will not be available on any pages under “Organization". We will post another update once the feature is available for everyone, so please stay tuned. 


To learn more about the alert hub, the list of alerts it displays, and how it works, please check out our network alert hub documentation.