I need to get in touch with someone senior at Meraki to resolve a serious licensing issue

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I need to get in touch with someone senior at Meraki to resolve a serious licensing issue



I need to get in contact with someone senior to deal with a licensing issue.

We just recently added (2 days ago) licensing, but it is all screwed up.


The dashboard is now showing that we have hundreds of unused licenses that are not applied to our equipment, and we have no way to apply the extra time/licenses to existing equipment.


This is really unacceptable, and if it is not resolved, we will be out tens of thousands of dollars.

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Meraki Employee

Without some details or a screenshot I'm not totally sure what your situation is. But, the best option is open a Support case. They should be able to help resolve this.


Or, if the issue is the wrong license was purchased the vendor you purchased it from can have it RMA'd (returned) and then purchase the correct license.


Having dealt with plenty of licensing issues they are thankfully pretty simple to resolve.

I have a case open, but they are not being helpful.


Long story short, the issue stems from converting from co- termination to per-device licensing.

I have no old or expired devices in my organization, and all devices and licences were purchased at the same time with the same length of years for licenses.

I should have 6 years for all devices, but only showing 3.

Now license center is showing I have 200+ unused licenses for about another 3 years with no way to apply them to existing devices. 


I just need someone in support to fix it so that the devices that we purchased are assigned the term length for the licenses that were purchased. I don't understand why this is a hard thing to resolve. I gave all the proof to show what was purchased.

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@TokyoKevin  Have you got in touc hwith your account manager? I would try leaning on them to help get things pushed along. 


Changing from co-term to per device gives you a full explanation of what the end result will be bore you make the change. Did you do this before or after adding the new licesnsing? 

Trying to lean on the vendor from whom we purchased the licenses, but we are also pressed for time.

The issue seems to be that for co-term, adding 1 year licenses for the same amount of equipment as 5 year licenses does not equal 6 years, but 3 years. Co-term counted the extra licenses as separate devices and spread the time from initial 5 years across all the devices.

I just have a hard time believing that even though we just recieved the licenses and the equipment isn't even online, that Meraki's response is "Sorry, your SoL. Nothing we can do."

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

When you added the licences, did you select the option to licence more devices, or to renew the existing licences?  It sounds like you used the option to add more licences.


You need to be use the renew option.

Exactly, a license more devices process was used and the outcome was 1 & 5 years licenses were blended and the device count doubled. Hopefully the account team can help get this resolved by getting the 1 YR license unapplied and then reapply it as a renewal.


This is what was done


Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 12.13.52 PM.png


Instead it should have been this way


Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 12.14.02 PM.png

In that case, they should be able to click on the little circular arrow next to the claimed licences (to reverse the process), note the new licence number issued, and then do the process again but select to do a renewal instead.

can only do that for 7 days. and also a conversion to PDL happened since claiming the licenses. so, no longer an option.

Sounds like a mess thats going to be fun to unpick. 

Likely why I have heard from more than one Meraki employee to not convert from co-term to per device

In certain cases PDL makes sense for customers although I see co-term fits most needs today.


The root problem in this thread was applying multiple licenses as "license more devices" vs renewal when the desired outcome was to combine or stack the time.


A few months ago the licensing page was changed to make it more clear on what the before and after effect will be when adding licenses (quantities & dates). Additionally, you also now have to type in the new projected co-term date. These enhancements were made in an attempt to reduce errors when claiming licenses. 

Hi Everyone,


I want to thank you for going into detail about Co-Term and PDL licensing.


With Meraki Support's help, I was able to get a partial solution that gets me back to using the 5 year licenses on each device.


The only remaining issue is that I cannot apply the additional 1 year license because it seems the licenses are already past the initial 90-day window, so they've become active/unused state (already burning even though not assigned). Documentation states that the licenses have to be inactive in order to add the additional time to a device that already has an active license assigned.


As per this link:



I think this is an issue with the vendor who sold us the licenses and waited until the last minute to hand them over, so we need to take it up with them, as I don't think support will be able to help on this one.



MCSE, MCTIP, VCP6-DV, CCNP, CWNA, Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist
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