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[CONTEST ENDED] This contest is ON POINT.

Community Manager



UPDATE: As of April 30th 9:59 AM PDT, this contest has ended. Stay tuned for the announcement of all 80+ winners!


Today marks the beginning of our biggest swag contest ever! We’re running a MONTH long challenge with over 80 chances to win some fresh Cisco Meraki swag.


How it works

As of today, certain actions you take in the community will earn you points. Those points will enter you to win a smattering of rad prizes. You needn’t opt in — simply taking one of these point-earning actions will do:


  • Reply to any topic or blog post — 5 points
  • Start a topic (e.g. ask a question, pose a discussion point) — 5 points


To optimize the bang for your buck, writing high-quality posts can earn you even more points:


  • Receive a kudo — 7 points
  • Write an answer that gets marked as a solution — 10 points


As you can see, the more helpful your action to the community, the more points you receive!


There are 3 tiers that you can reach based on the number of points you amass. Within each tier, at the end of the month, we’ll use a complex algorithm for selecting winners (a hat) to receive swag as outlined below:


  • Tier 1 requires 30 points and will have 50 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a custom, limited-edition “I Speak Meraki” Pin

    "I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin
  • Tier 2 requires 100 points and will have 25 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a pin and a Meraki thermal bottle

    "I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin Meraki thermal bottleMeraki thermal bottle


  • Tier 3 requires 200 points and will have 10 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a pin, bottle, and a Meraki drawstring backpack

    Meraki drawstring backpackMeraki drawstring backpack       "I Speak Meraki" pin"I Speak Meraki" pin       Meraki thermal water bottleMeraki thermal water bottle


If free swag wasn’t enough, everyone who earns enough points to achieve any tier will be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of a brand new MV12 WE (with 5-year license)! Reaching Tier 1 gets you 1 entry, Tier 2 doubles your entries and… (guess what!?) Tier 3 triples your entries to win!

That means that, over the course of this month, you could write just 6 replies or author just 3 solutions anywhere in the community and be entered to win one of these:Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 4.36.31 PM.png


How will I know how I’m doing?

To keep you all up to date on your progress, every Friday I’ll post a list of everyone who has reached Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.


When are the winners chosen?

On April 30th at 10 am PDT, the contest will end. We’ll then randomly select winners for each tier (50 for Tier 1, 25 for Tier 2, and 10 for Tier 3) and we’ll also draw the lucky winner of the GRAND PRIZE.


We’ll announce each of the winners here, so be sure to stay tuned!


More details:

  • Promotion period: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 at 10am PDT through Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 9:59am PDT
  • Up to three possible entries per community member: Each time you progress a tier, your entry remains in the tier below as well (meaning more chances to win stuff!). If you are randomly selected to win in two or three separate tiers, you’ll receive only the prize from the highest level tier. If you are selected to receive the Grand Prize, this will be in addition to any tier-level prizes
  • Shipping limitations: We can only ship prizes to residents of these Eligible Countries
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here
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#everyreplycounts does it? 🙂

Comes here often
Great idea to ramp up the participation ! I want me some swag .
Here to help

Getting married on June 8, heading to Cisco Live on June 9 with my *husband*!  We could use some swag for our epic network honeymoon! #Swagthebride! 

Here to help

My little boy saw the water bottles and said he wanted one.

Please send me some SWAG!

#Meraki #mysonlikesyourwaterbottle #winner #swag


Meraki-branded pins, backpacks, bottles, hats, and now a camera...

Whether I win or not, I can't wait for the next month's promotion...

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Can we expect a way we can update CMNO bagde on LinkedIn to ECMS1 to be up to date?

Just browsing

I am just starting to learn our Meraki WAPs and I really like the interface. Very user-friendly. Thanks.

Marvel or DC?

Kind of a big deal

@GeorgeFrendl maybe it's better you ask in a specific topic about ECMS 1:


But ECMS1 has the same content as CMNO so it would have the same value.

Just browsing

Definitely earning 10 points

Comes here often

very attractive the contest, but it should be extended more time at least 3 months ...



Where are those handsome Meraki socks?


Oh yeah! #swagtastic

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@BrechtSchamp Thanks! I have several windows open and I have posted it under the wrong chain. Thanks for the link! It is posted there now 🙂

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Thank you Meraki this is awesome!


I'm guessing this is not like HighLander…. "There can be only one"  Unless it's the winner of the MV12... Then.... Winter is coming?

Comes here often

Very cool! That backpack is sweet!


Good idea !!! Let's go members...


Oh yeah! I can wait to test the Camera as some have been asking when Meraki is jumping in to the video security. 

Here to help

The idea is amazing! Smiley Very Happy

Too bad, I recogniezed this contest a few hours ago Smiley Surprised

But I will get it to Tier 3 Smiley Embarassed

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Thank you for the reminder email; we've been so busy I forgot to follow up.  And, handily, I have a question to post today!