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Congrats to our March 2019 MOTM Winners!

Community Manager

Congratulations to @BrechtSchamp (MOTM appearance number 3), @PhilipDAth (for his 19th straight MOTM appearance), @jdsilva (10th MOTM in a row!), and @NolanHerring (5th in a row!).


March 2019 Meraki Community Members of the Month


156 kudos

21 solutions

MOTM score: 198  (New Record!)🏆 


160 kudos

12 solutions

MOTM score: 184 (New Record!)🏆  


115 kudos

11 solutions

MOTM score: 137


NolanHerring MOTM.png

110 kudos

13 solutions

MOTM score: 136

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


🎉  Congratulations! 🎉



As always, thank you to everyone who participated in March!


Kind of a big deal

It's like we have a team.  Well done everyone.

Kind of a big deal

Way to go everyone!  @BrechtSchamp  you almost broke the 200 barrier.  I heard that if someone does, then that person gets a Meraki gnome directly shipped to the person that came in 4th place. Pick up the pace!  lolol


Man...ONE point lol.  Darn you @jdsilva haha  ^_^


Kind of a big deal

In your face @NolanHerring !



Kind of a big deal

Also, well done everyone! Another good month with some crazy numbers being put up. Definitely a testament to everyone's hard work and increased traffic to the forums 🙂

Kind of a big deal

I wonder if we should have something like a "Community Spotlight Award" for someone who has never been a MOTM or had the "Spotlight" award before, to recognise those people who still make a big contribution but don't manage to push into the MOTM table.  It should also recognise Meraki employees.


I don't think it should have a formal advertised selection process like MOTM.  It should be a person selected internally based on fuzzy critera and merit.  Perhaps a person only does 5 posts - but they are earth shattering or amazing.  Perhaps a person contributes regularly, but not enough to make it into the MOTM.  Maybe they are just funny.

Kind of a big deal

I like that idea @PhilipDAth ! I want to nominate @MerakiDave , @Nick and @ww .


Gratz again all!

Head in the Cloud

I won't disagree with you Brecht! 😄 


Well done all, some amazing numbers and help handed out through March all! Just fantastic





Meraki Employee

Thanks @BrechtSchamp and @PhilipDAth for the shout-out and there actually is a recognition mechanism for Meraki employees @CarolineS introduced last year, it's an annual MVM badge (Most Valuable Merakians) for the top Meraki contributors complete with a 2-week trip to Hawaii.  Ok, so there's no trip, just a shout-out, LOL.


Still, the Community is all about the non-Merakians, and some of us just like to help out and enjoy being a part of it! 

Congrats to the always-impressive MOTMs!  


Getting noticed


Kind of a big deal

Sweet bottle. Thanks @MeredithW !



Head in the Cloud

Must of mis shipped that to you @jdsilva 


I will PM you my details so you can forward it on! 😄 

Community Manager

@PhilipDAth You read our minds! We've been preparing to launch a new monthly Member Spotlight and you totally called it.

Head in the Cloud

@PhilipDAth Eats sleeps and mentally makes Meraki things happen. 


I’m convinced of it!

Kind of a big deal

Thanks for the bottle and the shoutout during quarterly @MeredithW. As always, much appreciated!