60 MR42's seems a magic number

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60 MR42's seems a magic number

Hi folks, we now have two locations running which both have more than 60 MR42's installed :


Location 1 = 62 MR42's

Location 2 = 68 MR42's


For some reason we can only get 60 AP's at each location to join normally, the extras at each location will only join as repeaters. The DHCP scope is large enough at each location to accommodate the AP's so just wondered if anyone else had ever seen this behaviour ?

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Kind of a big deal

Did you check your wiring?


If you connect AP 61 to a known-good power and data cable, what happens?

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Yes cabling checked, as by rebooting the all the AP's in a different sequence i can alter which ones go into repeater mode. It seems once the first 60 get online the rest go into repeater mode.



just to be sure: have you checked the size of the DHCP scope ? (been there, done that, smacked my face...)





Yes, triple checked the scope as likewise been there before 🙂
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Guess I should have also asked , out of interest what is the most number of AP's anyone has running in one subnet and a single DHCP scope ?


One more 'just to be sure' : the subnet mask is correct ?


Otherwise try to get a PCAP from traffic within the VLAN (or from of the port of the non-functioning APs) and see what happens with DHCP requests and offers.

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Only 34 accesspoints MR32, MR33, MR42, MR42E, MR52 running with 25.14 . No issues up to now.

Kind of a big deal

AP's will usually go into repeater when it doesn't reach the gateway. Is your IP information correct? Also could be a bad connection as @Nash said. Unplug working AP and connect "non" working AP and see if it works. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That sounds like a cool bug.  I'd open up a support case if it is that repeatable.

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Do your switches supply enough power for POe?


I have 120 AP (mr33) in one location, with 10 SWITCHS (Ms-225) and i have no WifiMesh issues.
I been working with large number Meraki networks from a while.

Combined Networks with a Template aplicated




InkedScreenHunter_400 Nov. 05 11.42_LI.jpg


If i can help you wih anything just let me know.


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