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Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi


Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi

Hi guys,


We are working on moving away from our on-premises AD to Azure AD. Part of our current infrastructure is using RADIUS authentication on our WiFi network, linked to our AD.


Seeing as using Azure AD directly isn't an option yet for Meraki, have you guys come up with any solutions for this?


I've been reading some posts about using a splash page to authenticate against Azure AD, but nothing specific or with a detailed configuration guide.


We don't want to spin up a VM in Azure just for this. I'm guessing we are not only ones facing this issue?

Meraki Employee

Re: Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi

Hello @KevinI ,

At the moment, Meraki does not have a direct integration with Azure AD. However, since Azure AD is cloud-based, you would need to set up some kind of VPN set up anyway (until a direct VPN with Azure can be established). 

I would recommend checking up on the vMX feature of Meraki. Following KB gives you some details on the setup



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New here

Re: Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi

Hello @RohitRaj I hope you're doing well. Is there any positive updates regarding the Azure AD authentication on Meraki WiFi?

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