Casting to Youtube from iPad to Apple TV's - Full Meraki Stack

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Casting to Youtube from iPad to Apple TV's - Full Meraki Stack

We have a network with the folowing:




MR34 x 3


We have a few VLANs setup, and native VLAN being the primary VLAN (80 in this case).


The Apple TV's & the MR34's are all setup on the MS120-48LP, the MR's are setup as trunk (All VLAN's allowed), an SSID is setup in Bridge Mode, Bonjour Forwarding Enabled).  The Apple TV's are connected to the switch setup as access vlan 80 (No Access Policies, Isolation Disabled).


Problem I face is that when on the iPad Youtube App, and I hit cast, there are no Apple TV's listed in the Cast Options...  Where am I going wrong?


Thanks in advance guru's!


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does Apple TV support Google's Chromecast?  I thought they only supported AirPlay.


One thing that has caused me trouble in the past is networks that use the .local domain (most prevalent in small companies with Active Directory deployed).  .local is reserved to multicast devices, and trying to use it with a unicast domain makes it unreliable.

Yip - It does if you have the youtube app installed on the ATV4, and the youtube app open.

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