Environmental sensors only access

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Environmental sensors only access

Is it possible to give a user / admin only rights to view the environmental sensors in one network?


I have a user who is working in quality, and he needs to be able so view all environmental sensors, but I don't want to give him full read access to one network.

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you can give access rights either on organization level or network level. See the following documentation.



I tried to move the sensor to a dedicated network...but this will not work as long you do not have the device (MR or MV) to which the MT connects is also in this network.

In other words.

The MR's and/or MV's to which you like to connect the MT's need to be in the same network.


So you can restrict a dedicated user to have access only to MT's and the connecting MV's or MR's..

hope this helps


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Hi @MarcoKoch Did you manage to give access only to the sensor view, or did you have to set read-only permissions for the entire network?

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