Why no 3G Verizon support?

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Why no 3G Verizon support?

Anyone know why Meraki doesn't support 3G on compatible Verizon devices such as the Inseego Skyus modems or the newer Novatel 620L/730L models?


We're a construction company trying to replace Jetpacks (MiFi's) with Z1/MX and Skyus modem combos where possible but some locations don't have a solid 4G signal which results in a flaky connection since the Z1/MX/Skyus combo is limited to 4G only.  This compared to a Verizon Jetpack can bounce between 3G and 4G as necessary and provides a smoother, if occasionally slower, connection.


I realize the older Pantech 290/295 USB modems are supported for both 3G and 4G but as stated in other threads on here, these are older discontinued models.


Kind of a big deal

Forget using the sticks.  Change over to using the 4G hot spots with the Ethernet ports in the back, and then just plug them into the WAN port on the Meraki..

@PhilipDAth Can you point me to a Verizon compatible hotspot that offers an ethernet out option?  I've only seen ones that support USB out which is the same as using a USB modem. 


We're trying to get away from consumer level devices also, hence the move from the USB modem stick to the Inseego/Feeney modems.

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I recommend Connected I/O, they come with a IMEI so they are vendor specific unlike skyus where you can wipe and change the APN.

@DCooper Thanks for the recommendation.  It looks like their ER1000-VZ model in bridge mode might work.  Seems like it takes over 3G/4G switching so the Meraki just sees it as an incoming ethernet internet source regardless of if the modem is in 3G or 4G mode.


I'll look into this further for sure but I still don't understand why Meraki doesn't support the 3G/4G switching for USB modems that can do it.

I'm not from your country, and Verizon is not in mine.  I did a quick Google, but it looks to me like Verizon don't sell what you need.


It looks to me like you either need a third party device, or to change 4G Telco's to someone who has a better range of products.

Philip, thanks for the reply and sorry for the US-based assumption!  Unfortunately, Verizon is the largest carrier and has the best coverage by far, which is critical for construction company like us who is often working in the middle of a field or somewhere before any other infrastructure exists.

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We do support Skyus DS, just not the Skyus DS2 just yet.  Also back in august some internal engineers got the Novatel 730L working for a customer. I will check and get back with you on when/if we support the 730L.

@DCooper You only support 4G though, not 3G and 4G, which is my point (and request I suppose).  

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