VPN 2 different MSP.

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VPN 2 different MSP.

Hello, it is possible create a VPN Site to Site between 2 site´s claimed in different MSP´s?


-One of the 2 site´s has one dynamic public  IP and the other site is static.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



You'll need to get an extra MX, put it into VPN concentrator mode, and co-loate it at the other site.  Then you can use AutoVPN between these two MXs.

At the site with the co-located MX (each MX is in a seperate organisation) you can use simple static routing between them.

Kind of a big deal

The dynamic public IP Is going to be a bad time if you're trying to string up an IPSEC tunnel. If it changes, your tunnel will go splat, and you'll have to update your settings with the new IP address.


AutoVPN doesn't care if your IP is static or dynamic, but you can only do AutoVPN if they're within the same organization.


Other thought: You own both of these sites? And they belong to the same business? Is there a _business_ reason why the orgs are separate?


If there's not, I'd call Support and discuss your options for merging orgs. You would have to reconfigure equipment, but if you've got a branch office with an MX, a switch, and an AP or whatever, that's pretty fast. Move branch gear to main site org during outage, re-config, boom. AutoVPN is viable.

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