Template config ( different subnetmask )

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Template config ( different subnetmask )

Dear expert ,

i have 100 branches on dashboard , i have added those network into template for centralize policy.

but problem comes when i configure address ( each network has different network also subnet mask )


For EX:

branch 1's lan (

branch 2's lan (

branch 3's lan(


i can't do that on each branch , it shows me error.

but if i put /24 on each branch , it gonna work fine , but i don't want that.


here is what i config on template :



pls help , we gonna migrate branch soon.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

They all have to have the same subnet.  What you have at the moment sounds like a nightmare.


Perhaps you can re-IP each site as you cut them over?

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Dear Philip ,

we will do site to site VPN to HQ , so we have to have different subnet also different netmask .

so can you help confirm that , we cannot do different netmask in template ?

>So can you help confirm that , we cannot do different netmask in template ?


100% correct.

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hi Philip ,

if we have no choice , we have to clone each network and modify each lan , am i right ?

You are correct.

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