Skype for Business Intermittent Connection

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Skype for Business Intermittent Connection



We just transitioned from VeloCloud to Meraki firewalls last week and we have been seeing an issue with Skype for Business going offline for a few seconds and then back online.  It happens randomly throughout the day.  We've tried doing some traffic shaping to allow priority for that traffic, but it hasn't helped.  We are using an MX84.


Has anyone else seen this issue?  



Kind of a big deal

Switch to Teams


There is no momentum for sorting EOL products.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel



I should mention, in addition to Skype we do see some issues with webinars like Skype Meetings, Teams Meetings, and Webex.  Not being able to hold the connection.


And yes, we are planning to move from Skype to Teams.  Hoping to get that started in the next couple months.  🙂



Kind of a big deal

Anything appearing in the Meraki security event log?

Perhaps try turning off AMP and IPS for 24 hours and see if that has any impact on the issue.


Is the MX showing any packet loss on your uplink?

Hi PhilipDAth,


Thanks for the suggestion.  We will give the AMP and IPS option a try and see if it helps.  I do seem to remember having to do that on SonicWALL firewalls when I worked with them in the past.


I will update with the status when we have tried it for a bit!





I have disabled AMP and IPS, but the issue still seems to be happening.  It's not happening on all PC's though, and it's very random.  I've been trying to keep my Skype open so I can notice it happen.  It happened 4 times to me yesterday morning, but then none in the afternoon.


I've tried looking in logs to see what happens, but haven't found much.  Any other suggestions?

Is it possible that because the Meraki has more built-in security than what our old firewall had that it's analyzing more of the packets coming in and causing some slowness?  Our internet speed doesn't seem to be what it was before our change to Meraki.  

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