Meraki MX68C Third party VPN

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Meraki MX68C Third party VPN



I currently face to two problems on the connection of IPSEC Third party VPN on my MX68C

I have two vlans on my MX68C

vlan 10 for Corporate

vlan 20 for Guest


MX68C build auto VPN to two MX250 HUBs

I want also to have a local breakout though internet on each spoke site, eg each MX68C. This local breakout is done with Zscaler


My goal is to create two Zscaler tunnels for corporate usage and one tunnel for guest

So on the MX68C there will be 3 tunnels at total


I want to put all the corporate traffic in the two first tunnels and the guest traffic to the third one. I know that meraki recently added the "source base default route" feature and I hope it will help. But I heard that we can't put a non meraki vpn peer as a next-hop in meraki, can you confirm ?


So how can I dispatch traffic between corporate and guest ?

For the two corporate tunnels, may is it possible to load share the traffic between both ?


thanks for your answer





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