Feature Request: Dynamic WAN Ports

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Feature Request: Dynamic WAN Ports

We have a scenario where we are that there is no single reliable internet provider in our area. Currently, we have a main provider and 3 backup providers. The 3 backups could be used for other purposes as well, but I'm only able to put 2 WAN connections on the MX84.

Technically, I know it should be possible to reassign the LAN ports as WAN, but nothing like that is exposed into the main interface. It would be very helpful if we could reassign some of the ports as WAN ports. We are only using 1 of the 10 LAN ports anyways...

Kind of a big deal

Buy three MX84's.


Plug the first two ISPs into MX1.  Plug the second two ISPs into MX2.  Then plug a LAN port of MX1 and MX2 into the two WAN ports of the third MX.


You now have four ISPs connected up.

That would be great...except I don't have licensing for 3 MX84 units and no budget to purchase the hardware.

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