Documentation Update - MX: 10/10/17

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Documentation Update - MX: 10/10/17

Hi Community,

I'll be posting new or heavily updated articles in their relevant sections on the boards.

Here are the new MX-relevant articles this week: 

Content Filtering Troubleshooting Guide

A new all-purpose guide for troubleshooting issues with Content Filtering.


You can find the full list of updates for this week here.



Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Hmm, with regard to the section "Why are certain downloads (like PDFs) on a page hanging or not working correctly" talking about an example of AMP blocking PDF's; I've found AMP to be highly reliable - as in, when it says something is nasty it usually is, and not a false positive.


I've had AMP block things with customers, and they ring up asking us to let it through.  I usually check the nature of the block, and then tell them it is a very high probability that the site has malware (for example) - and do you really want me to override the MX security and let the malware through to your computers.  Every single time so far they have said no.



I think you should maybe temper this section, and make some mention of the risk of overriding the security provided by AMP and the potential risk that the customer is exposing themselves to.


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