UPCOMING EVENT: Virtual Hackathon - Get creative with Meraki APIs!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

UPCOMING EVENT: Virtual Hackathon - Get creative with Meraki APIs!

Hi everyone,


We’d like to extend an invitation to all Meraki partners to join our first ever, Virtual Hackathon on May 26th-28th, 2020






In these turbulent times, it has never been more important to help our customers provide simple, secure, and reliable internet access from anywhere. As working conditions have changed for many organizations, new solutions are needed to help our customers adapt and optimize their services. Meraki has designed this hackathon as a forum for partners to proactively address these challenges with custom solutions, enabled by our suite of API services


We hope you’ll participate to have your solution featured on DEVPOST, potentially win a prize, and of course, provide a key solution to help customers leverage Meraki and additional technologies in new ways!


How it works:

In this two-day event, participants (Meraki partners) will review sample customer videos outlining use cases in the following industries:

  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Smart Spaces
  • Healthcare and Manufacturing
  • IT Operations

Participants will then submit an app, API integration, or tool to help address these challenges. The public submissions will be promoted on DEVPOST in perpetuity for our network to reference after the hackathon has concluded. 



A panel of product specialists, Cisco technology and development gurus, and customer advocates will review the submissions and award the following prizes to up to 8 winners:


  • Meraki Unboxed Podcast Highlight
  • Meraki Blog Feature
  • Meraki Community Promotion


Why Participate?

If the above hasn’t inspired you yet, here are some additional reasons to participate:


  • Reach customers on a broader scale
  • Get featured on the Meraki Marketplace
  • Access collaborative tools, webinars, and other resources to learn across teams
  • Flexible participation to suit your schedule
  • Connect with a community of innovators

Please reach out to meraki-hackathon@cisco.com with any questions.


We hope you can be a part of this special event and partner with us to provide real solutions in these dynamic times!


Registration and more information available here.

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