Move over Tony Hawk.. Here comes Maui

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Move over Tony Hawk.. Here comes Maui

Sorry it took so long to get the photo to you all! Shout out to @CarolineS for sending @Maui_Meraki_Dog the cool board! Took some time for him to warm up to it, but now he lets me push him around the house.




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Community Manager

He looks like a pro!! Nice work @Maui_Meraki_Dog!
Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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@CarolineS Thank you soooo much for the toy! You know, it was a bit scary at first... those round things are as big as my head. Every time @Mr_IT_Guy would put me on it I would jump right off. Funny enough, when mommy was playing with me, the board started to smell like treats! I LOOOOOOOOVE Treats!! I sometimes lick the board and it still tastes like it. Mommy almost had the perfect picture but then daddy came into the room and threw off my groove. He promised me some treats if I held still for mommy so I figured I'd let them take the photo!


Mommy says that my shirt is getting a little snug around my neck because I'm becoming a big boy now. She also said that she's going to make me a new shirt soon! Can't wait to show everyone!

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