Documentation Digest: Sept 14th - Oct 7th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: Sept 14th - Oct 7th

Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between Sept 14th - Oct 7th, 2019:


Rename a Client's Hostname

Change: Added verbiage around the preference order we process client hostnames with.


Cisco Meraki and Umbrella Integration - MR Advanced/Upgrade License

Change: New article


Meraki Per-Device Licensing RC Launch – new or amended articles

Meraki Licensing Models

Meraki Per-Device Licensing Overview

The Science Behind Per-Device Licensing

Meraki Licensing FAQs

Meraki Per-Device Licensing RC Launch


Getting Started

Change: Re-write/overhaul


MX Warm Spare - High Availability Pair

Change: Added the note that "The swap button is used to change the primary and spare roles between the two MXs and is not meant to test HA failover. For a failover test, complete disconnection of uplink to the primary MX is required.”


Contacting Support

Change: Added notes about support for promo equipment, new case work flow as well as section about the Meraki Community.


SM Configuration Settings

Change: Removed Windows from the list of OS that support password policies via MDM.

Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Kind of a big deal

I'm just forwarding those per-device licensing docs to the relevant sales individuals at my company... yoink.

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