Documentation Digest: April 27th - May 26th

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Documentation Digest: April 27th - May 26th



Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between April 27th and May 26th:


Meraki Per-Device Licensing Overview

Change: Added note stating that at least one network must be created under each Dashboard Organization in order to move licenses & devices.


MR Link Aggregation Configuration Guide .

Change: Added screenshots and more detailed steps.


Alerts and Notifications

Change: General refresh


Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Change: Updated with new DEP capabilities and options


vMX100 to vMX S/M/L Transition FAQ

Change: Added note regarding NFVIS


Product Firmware Version Restrictions

Change: Updated with current products


Using the Ping Live Tool

Change: Clarified ping behavior and overall refresh


Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Technical Guide

Change: General refresh


Content Filtering

Change: Removed content referring to IP addresses as URLs


MV Quick Start

Change: Added mobile onboarding


Packet Capture Overview

Change: Added note regarding 802.1Q tags on MR27+ firmware.


Updating Managed iOS Apps

Change: Added note explaining app version behavior.


Calculating Cisco Meraki BSSID MAC Addresses

Change: Listed BSSID details.


Deploying Highly Available vMX in Azure 

Change: Clarified that since vMXs will be deployed in separate networks, 2 licenses are required.


Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Change: Added note regarding DDNS support on MX16.


MS Layer 3 Switching and Routing

Change: Added note explaining route overload warning


Loop and MAC Flap Detection on MS

Change: Added screenshots and example details


Meraki MX Security and SD-WAN Licensing

Change: Added note explaining Z and vMX licenses can be added to organizations regardless of MX license type.


MT10 Installation Guide - Temperature and Humidity

MT12 Installation Guide - Water Detection  

MT20 Installation Guide - Open/Close Detection

Change: Added photos and updated layout


IPv6 Support on MR Access Points

Change: New article


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Integration with MR Access Points

Change: New article


MR Meraki RADIUS 2.0

Change: New article


Meraki MR and Android 11 Security Update

Change: New article


MR MQTT Data Streaming  

Change: New article


MR Access Control page

Change: New article


Manually Integrating Cisco Umbrella with Meraki Networks

Change: Added note regarding expected routing behavior or VPN

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: April 27th - May 26th

@CameronMoody : Thanks for sharing 

Inderdeep Singh
Kind of a big deal

Re: Documentation Digest: April 27th - May 26th

Whoa!  On premise support for VMX with Cisco UCS and NFVIS is a major!  This should be promoted!

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