Cisco Champion Radio: S7|E31 Meraki Adaptive Policy

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Cisco Champion Radio: S7|E31 Meraki Adaptive Policy

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Configuring and maintaining access policies in a network is a challenge. In our increasingly complex and dynamic networks, IP policies are not meeting the needs of many administrators. Access policies need to evolve from static IP based to intent based. Creating policy should be as simple as defining intent, “who” needs to access “what” regardless of where they connect in the network.

With that idea as a backdrop, Meraki is introducing Adaptive Policy, an easy to configure, simple to maintain, scalable policy powered by Secure Group Tags (SGTs).

Listen in as Cisco Champions and Cisco experts discuss Adaptive Policy and how it lets businesses create intent based policy for users, services and devices based on who you are, not where you connect in the network.


Cisco Champion Hosts:
Meredith Rose (, WWT, Senior Consulting Systems Engineer
Aaron Weiler (, Comcast, Sales Engineer

Rob Watt, Cisco, Product Manager
Alex Burger (, Cisco, Technical Marketing Engineer  

Amilee San Juan (, Cisco, Technical Influencer Marketing and Cisco Champion Program

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