Systems Manager Customer Survey - we'd love to hear your feedback!

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Systems Manager Customer Survey - we'd love to hear your feedback!

Hi everyone!


Our SM team at Meraki would love to hear your feedback and stories about your experience finding, testing, and using Systems Manager!


If you are open to spending a few minutes filling out a quick survey, we would love to learn from your experience.


Your answers will be kept private and anonymous, unless you prefer to give us your contact details for a potential follow up (this is totally optional).


I personally am really excited to hear your candid feedback! Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer any / all questions 🙂


You can access the survey here - Systems Manager Survey. The survey will be open until August 24, 2018! 


Thanks again,





Kind of a big deal

Done, hopefully my answers are helpful.
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Thank you so much, @BlakeRichardson!!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback in the survey!!


We've been pouring over the responses - they have been extremely helpful! 

The survey is still open for those that haven't had time yet to participate! 

Building a reputation

Hello Melissa,


I also participated , and my biggest concern is the quality of support .


they basically don’t read then problem , answer some templates and very frustrating stuff like :


did you reboot ?, did you reinstall ?, reinstall the OS even !


Its usally take 5 or 6 answers for them to start addressing your problem , and usally it’s will never reach higher than level 1 support and stay unanswered !


I finally give up most of the time and try to sort out by myself ( like recreating the full organisation from scratch because of a bug that the support cannot address ).


Most of the time I fell like I know the product better than the support and It’s so frustrating when they answer beside the question / bug ! Basically all this valuable feedback / bugs never get to the development backlog and the product doesn’t improve or improve slowly .


It’s very important to listen to customers and to take their inputs as continuous improvements for the product.



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Thank you so much for the feedback, @aws_architect!! 


We really appreciate it and take this seriously. 

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