New beta programs!

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New beta programs!

Hi everyone!


We have a couple of new beta programs coming up for Windows updates and UI changes. If you're interested in being a part of these (or future) beta programs, please enter your information through the form below and our team will reach out if we see a match!


Beta testers are invaluable to us 🙂 Thanks in advance to anyone willing to participate! 

Kind of a big deal

I'm signed up.  I would like to see some massive improvements on the Windows side.

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth wrote:

I would like to see some massive improvements on the Windows side.

Mac side as well!

Building a reputation

IOS for EDU !

I agree on the Mac side, running scripts natively from the Meraki cloud. I have always felt that scripts really make up for the Apple limitations with profiles.


Also, naming during DEP for iOS devices with hose new tags!




- - 

Also, @Melissa, am I already in the registration from when I did the beta with the new software deployment on the Mac side or should I go forth with the form.



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Windows Improvements ==


Definitely agree....My SM licenses are expiring soon, this doesn't work well enough to continue. 

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@Lindsey @jared_f @alexis_cazalaa @MRCUR @PhilipDAth


Thanks all! I hope you can sign up for the betas! 


@jared_f - if you wouldn't mind signing up through the form again, that would be great!! 

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