License Expiry - Supervised iOS Devices

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License Expiry - Supervised iOS Devices

Hi All


I'm coming to the end of my paid Systems Manager (Enterprise) licenses.


This is is for a domestic situation, where I had planned to use SM Sentry, but...


What will happen to the iOS devices that are Supervised via Apple Device Configurator?


What we don't want to have to deal with is having to wipe'n'load the devices if I don't renew.


My partner and I quite like having the kids' devices under this kind of control.


Do licenses revert to Free / Legacy, or is that not an option any more?


Thanks for any tips. Cash is tight these days so would like to know options.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Some of the Meraki Systems managers webinars come with a free 25 user 3-year licence (conditions apply).


Perhaps check out that avenue. 



Otherwise buying a small number of licences is probably not going to cost very much.,

Thanks, @PhilipDAth, I'm using Apple Configurator and Jamf Cloud now.


When one isn't full stack any more, other MDM options become viable.





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