Feature Request - Scheduled Sync

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Feature Request - Scheduled Sync

I need to run an AD and ASM sync every day and with nearly 24k users, each of these take a while to run.  I would love the ability to schedule this to kick off automatically in the middle of the night then email me a job status. As well, I wish the owners dashboard would display the date/time of the last successful sync.  


Our SM engineers made some changes recently that at least allowed these jobs to run during the work day without failing and for that I am eternally grateful because I was having to do them late at night from home. Still, being able to schedule something that needs to be done every single day would make so much sense and allow admins to take a vacation without having to check in each day.  Not that we need a vacation....  🙂



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We also need this.

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I know this is an old thread/request but this seems like a no-brainer. AD groups are useless if they aren't kept up to date.

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We also need this.
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