Documentation Update - 11/13/17

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Documentation Update - 11/13/17

Hi Community,

I'll be posting new or heavily updated articles in their relevant sections on the boards as changes occur.

Here are the recent new articles:

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Kind of a big deal

"Incoming customer wishes are automatically emailed to every engineer" - they must get a tonne of email every our of the day.

Haha, good point @PhilipDAth I think that support article may be slightly out of date.  It's true there is a place at Meraki HQ (I've seen it) where all the wishes come scrolling by.  However, as Meraki has experienced and continues to experience incredible growth the past several years, there are MANY more Dashboard wishes coming in every hour of every day.  So that Meraki doesn't have to hire a team of poor souls who read every single Dashboard wish, Meraki has added intelligence and analytics to Dashboard wishes, so they they can be properly identified, categorized and prioritized.  And yes, specific product teams can then go in and review every wish for a particular product or feature or UI issue if and when needed.


So a couple notes on making wishes.  First is that every wish matters!  While you may not get any feedback, wishes never go into the bit bucket or get ignored.  Second, because all wishes now get run through an algorithm, it's important when making wishes to use complete descriptions with specific keywords and always make the wish on the actual page in Dashboard where it's most relevant.  So don't make an MX-specific wish from the Network Wide > Clients page for example.  The wish wouldn't be "wasted" but it may not get categorized as accurately.  Finally, don't be afraid to ask Dashboard for a pizza. 🙂 



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