Dashboard connection unstable today?

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Dashboard connection unstable today?



I have got a lot of networks in my dashboard.

Today some of them are always loosing connection to the dashboard.

I can ping my devices without any problem. But the dasboard says "no connectivity".

And it´s only today since about 2:30pm (CEST time).


Anyone with the same issue?

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Yes. A lot of customer networks loosing dashboard connectivity generating a ton of alert emails. Still going on. (European cloud)

We can't access our dashboard, we get a message saying it'll be back up in 15 minutes but have been getting that since about 4pm.


It's not 8pm.

Does anyone know when this will be resolved?

New here

We have been experiencing the same all day long. it looks like only the connection to the cloud but nothing is affected on the LAN portion of the network.

The problem for us is that we use it to control access to different SSIDs from different devices.


There are some blocked devices that we need to unblock but are unable to.

This must be affecting just one part of the world.


For those having a problem, what part of the world are you in?


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Been working in my US/East coast dashboard off and on all day, no issues for me.

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