SM - New MDM Features for iOS 14

Systems Manager now supports a number of updates for iOS/iPadOS 14, Apple's latest major mobile operating system.  These changes include the following:



New updates to configuration profile payloads allow admins more control over settings on devices running iOS/iPadOS 14. These changes include:


Restrictions - Disable the ability to add App Clips

WiFi - Disable MAC address randomization when associating to a managed wireless network

Notifications - Control preview behavior when a notification is displayed

Setup Assistant - Bypass potential Setup Assistant screens when a device is updated to a new version of iOS.

Associated Domains - Ensure devices access domains directly instead of using Apple's content distribution network

Per Account VPN - Establish a VPN connection on a per account basis.  Available in the Exchange ActiveSync, Calendar, Contacts, and Google Account payloads


Automated Device Enrollment (aka DEP)

New "skip" options are now available to allow admins to bypass screens in the Setup Assistant when devices are initialized using Apple's automated device enrollment (aka DEP).  Admins can now skip the "Get Started" and "Update Completed" screens.  Follow the steps here to assign new DEP settings containing the updated skip options to devices.




App Management

Admins now have the ability to prevent end users from removing specific apps on devices running iOS/iPadOS 14.  To prevent users from removing an app, uncheck the "Removable" option in the App Details options. If the app has already been deployed to devices, admins can initiate an update on target devices in bulk by pushing an install/upgrade command from the app details page. For a single device, admin can initiate an update by clicking "Update" next to the target app on the device details page for a given device.