Quick Start vMX on AWS Cloud WAN = multi-region WAN goodness 🙂

On July 12th, Cisco Meraki partnered with AWS to launch Quick Start vMX on AWS Cloud WAN alongside the general availability of AWS Cloud WAN.


What is it

AWS Cloud WAN is a cloud managed service that unifies AWS workloads from multiple sites and regions into a single global network. Quick Start vMX on AWS Cloud WAN is a resource that automates the deployment of vMX into AWS Cloud WAN, shrinking hundreds of manual activities into a few easy steps. This integrated solution enables customers to build wide area networks across AWS regions and connect to the Meraki SD-WAN fabric - using Meraki vMX - in just a few easy steps.


What it enables

This Meraki vMX integration with AWS Cloud WAN enables AWS workloads to connect seamlessly with Meraki SD-WAN. Customers can now achieve a simpler way to build, manage, and monitor resources across multiple sites, regions, and cloud workloads. 


More information

For more information about how to use vMX to onramp to the cloud, or how to expand your SD-WAN fabric into the cloud, check out the latest Cisco blog post and the Meraki vMX deployment guide for AWS. A deployment guide for this specific solution will be available from Meraki and AWS soon.




More information:

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