New polgyon selection tool for motion-based retention

The new polygon selection tool for motion-based retention areas increases control that admins have when selecting an area of interest. Users can to select the precise area of a doorway, hallway, or even an entire staircase. This precise selection allows organizations the a better ability to exclude adjacent areas that do not contain motion of interest, potentially extending the storage duration for important video. 





The new polygon tool can be found by going to "Settings" for the desired camera, then selecting "Quality and retention" and scrolling down "Motion-based retention." When motion-based retention is enabled, you can click and drag on the video tile to select the area of interest. Multiple polygons can be added to create more complex shapes, or select multiple parts of the frame. 

To learn more about the new polygon tool, check out the post in the Smart Cameras Forum, or refer to the Meraki documentation