New features for macOS device deployments (account configurations, provisioning packages, more)!

Meraki Systems Manager has added many new exciting features for macOS deployments including: 


  • In Dashboard, "Device Enrollment Program" or "DEP" have been rebranded to "Automated Device Enrollment" or "ADE". This is so SM can stay current with the latest branding alignment with Apple. 
  • New ADE assign settings interface with additional features
    • MattMorg_4-1655916666790.png 
    • Configure local accounts on macOS!
      • Administrator and Standard user accounts
        • MattMorg_2-1655916451891.png
      • Dynamically pre-fill macOS accounts from the SM 'Owner' set in Dashboard
      • Owner.png

    • Provisioning package support during macOS initial setup 
      • Add a signed .pkg to run on all devices during initial setup! 
      • MattMorg_3-1655916524961.png


  • Apple Silicon improvements 
    • Bootstrap token automatically escrowed for new enrollments
      • Added security for MDM commands (e.g. OSUpdates and Kernel extensions) on Apple Silicon Macs.  
      • Bootstrap token.png

    • SM Agent 3.5.0+ is now natively built for Apple Silicon. No longer need Rosetta 2 to run SM agent!
      • m1.png

Updated documentation with more information: 


Thank you to all the users who have requested these features, we hear you! We're continuing to shape up new improvements for device deployments, so please continue to send in feature requests as our product and engineering teams review every request. 

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