Meraki Mobile App 4.16.0 (Dark Mode and More!)

New Features:
  • Dark mode has arrived: choose your side or let your system preference do it for you.
  • Digital zoom: now it’s possible to zoom in and pan to your target of interest when investigating an incident with MV. Just pinch and drag
  • Adjust video playback speed: you can now speed up or slow down footage!
  • Quickly export video on mobile: users with permission can now export and share footage (up to 1 hour long). Past exports can be found in Settings > Exports.
New Camera-Only Admin Features:
  • The Camera grid is here! Swap between list or grid layout from the homepage. Grid layout has thumbnails which helps to find the right camera view.



mobile-home.pngmobile-export.png  mobile-camera.png

If you are interested in testing new features early, feel free to opt in here.


And of course, the download links!

Apple App Store

Google Play Store