MV - Low Latency HLS Now Available in 4.8

Meraki Employee

Second generation MV smart cameras running camera 4.8 beta now support low-latency HLS (LHLS). The buffering period for HLS results in a slight delay in when streaming live video. For local LAN direct streams, this delay can be 5-10 seconds. With LHLS, the delay is reduced to less than 2 seconds. The latency of cloud-proxy streams will also be reduced, but the delay time will depend on the path of the video stream.


LHLS will be enabled by default on all second generation MV cameras running 4.8 or higher. All live video features will continue to work with low latency, including:

  • Audio playback
  • MV32 in warped and dewarped mode
  • Video walls (please note that 1st generation cameras do not support LHLS)
  • Live video link sharing

LHLS is not yet supported on the iOS app. For more information, please see the following documentation on  .