MT - New Time Delay Alerts and Custom Time Range for Viewing Data

Time Delay Alerting

Alert Profiles can now be configured with a Time Delay for individual metrics. This means, you can now set your alerts to go out only if a particular metric exceeds an alert threshold for a specified period of time. For example if a door has been opened for more than 5 minutes. Here’s a quick peek of the new feature:

timed alerts.gifCustom time range for viewing data

Along with the new capabilities on the Alert Profiles, we’ve recently added the ability to choose a custom time period to view your sensor data. On the sensor details page, you can now pick a custom time range of up to 30 days and dating back 1 year of data. See the new feature below:

View custom time.gif

If you have any comments related to these updates or would like to suggest new features, please click "make a wish" on the Meraki Dashboard. For more information related to the MT Sensors, please visit the Technical Documentation for MT Sensors. 

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