IPv6 Support on MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms!

We are ecstatic to announce, on behalf of Meraki Product and Engineering teams, the official public release supporting IPv6 on MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms - available now!


IPv6 is an ongoing cross-product initiative for Meraki as IPv4 addresses are being exhausted and with more hosts such as IoT devices requiring addressing, IPv6 provides a new structure of addressing to accommodate a larger number of hosts.

For more information on compatible devices, please see the IPv6 Device Compatibility documentation.


If you wish to sign up for the Private/Closed Beta community and would like to test the latest IPv6 feature releases on your MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms, then please do so via the Private/Closed Beta Sign-up Form. For public release notifications, subscribe to the IPv6@Meraki community page.


Minimum Firmware

MX 17.5+ firmware is required for IPv6 functionality on MX Security & SD-WAN Platforms.


Supported Models

Z3, Z3C, MX64, MX64W, MX65, MX65W, MX67, MX67W, MX67C, MX68, MX68W, MX68CW, MX75, MX84, MX85, MX95, MX100, MX105, MX250, MX450, vMX-S/M/L.

All current MX/Z models listed on our website here.


Is the feature PM or ENG gated?



Is there a special or restricted support process?



When will I see the update in MX/Z platforms?

It's live! MX/Z firmware running MX17.5+.


Feature set 

  • WAN  
    • Auto (DHCP6)
    • Auto (Stateless)
    • PPPoE (Stateless)
    • PPPoE (Static)
    • Manual (Static)
    • Cellular (Stateless) 
  • LAN   
    • Auto (DHCPv6-PD)
    • Manual Prefixes (Auto delegation)
    • Manual Prefixes (VLAN override)
    • Cellular 
  • Routing 
    • Uplink Selection
    • Static Routes
      • Global Addresses
      • Link Local Addresses
  • VPN 
    • AutoVPN
      • Route mode
      • One-Arm / Passthrough Mode
  • Firewall Rules 
    • Layer 3 Inbound Firewall Rules
    • Layer 3 Outbound Firewall Rules
    • Layer 3 Cellular Failover and Inbound Cellular Firewall Rules
    • Organization-wide Layer 3 Site-to-site VPN Outbound Firewall Rule
  • Monitoring and Reporting 
    • IPv6 Prefix table
    • Ping
    • Traceroute
    • DNS Lookup
    • Route Table 
    • AutoVPN participants' table
    • Client Tracking
    • Event Log
      • DAD
      • Addressing/VLAN updates
      • Prefix starvation
  • LSP 
    • LAN
    • PPPoE  




For all the details, please refer to the Fundamental Knowledge Base Documentation.

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