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IPv6 @ Meraki

Meraki Employee

IPv6 @ Meraki

We intend to use this community thread to provide ongoing updates on Meraki’s IPv6 journey and bring further transparency on the IPv6 status for Cisco Meraki products.  Firstly, we want to acknowledge the clear gap in supporting IPv6 across the Meraki portfolio and sincerely understand the frustration that’s been expressed by community members and our customers. 


Each Cisco Meraki product has a different set of IPv6 requirements and technical complexities.  IPv6 is not a single feature, but rather a suite of features and capabilities that need to be enabled as a journey; which, unfortunately, is not a quick undertaking especially since we need to solve for effective management of IPv6 functionality in addition to enabling IPv6 data plane capabilities. 


It is important to note that currently shipping Cisco Meraki hardware platforms are IPv6-capable. Our primary objective is to deliver IPv6 in a phased manner that is as simple and streamlined as possible to adopt, for our existing and future customers.  IPv6 is one of our strategic cross-product initiatives and this is backed by engineering resources we have aligned to it.


We do not have publicly-shareable specifics yet, however we are committed to providing ongoing updates on our progress on this thread as well as other communication channels.  Expect the next update by the end of September 2019.


Thank you for your continued partnership,


The Cisco Meraki team

Community Manager

Re: IPv6 @ Meraki

This thread will be used for updates from the Meraki team, so we are limiting the replies here to just Meraki personnel. Hence the "lock" icon on the thread.


You can subscribe to email updates by selecting "Subscribe" from the "Options" menu at the top of this page:image.png




Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki | @merakicaroline
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