Firmware Management API Endpoints are now available

What are the firmware management endpoints?

These endpoints are network level endpoints that allow you to get, set or rollback firmware.  This will allow an admin to fully manage firmware at a network level via API. 


Why manage firmware via API?

Managing via API enables admins to better scale their firmware upgrades and rollbacks en masse using action batches. Before this launch, customers were able to schedule and manage their firmware only through the Dashboard UI.  Using APIs we can now programmatically control firmware upgrades across networks and organizations.  Automating these processes via API helps accelerate current, standard firmware adoption and is part of our API-first strategy.


How do I use firmware management via API?

Documentation has been updated in dashboard and is available for all admins.  This can be found under the v1 endpoints and is labeled as “Firmware rollback” and “Firmware upgrades”.  This will cover the sample request, sample response and parameters for the endpoints.