Dashboard API Documentation Upgrade

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

The Dashboard API documentation has been migrated to our new platform in preparation for the upcoming v1 major release this summer. Check out this post for more information! Check it out at meraki.io/api


Dashboard API New Docs.png


What's new?

  • Improved search and navigation
  • Detailed information about every endpoint
  • A built in demo environment to allow you to easily demo and test the API, or update the settings with your information
  • The Meraki Python Library with code snippets in our Template section of the console


API v1-beta

Check out the new API v1-beta docs to see what's coming this summer!


A note about the Dashboard API SDKs:

We will no longer update the SDKs that were previously generated through our third-party provider. Going forward, we have decided to focus on our custom Python library, which takes advantage of our API mechanics and provides a simple and unified experience. 


GitHub repositories will remain available, so that the code can be forked and extended. Alternatively, since the Dashboard API is built upon the OpenAPI specification, you can use a wealth of tools to generate an SDK in any language you like using our API spec.


More info on our SDKs